Proud supplier of canvas prints to Derek Taylor for six years

8/27/2010 5:37:45 PM
Accomplished, and celebrity, interior designer Derek Taylor has been incorporating CanvasRus’ gallery prints on canvas into his design schemes for six years now.

Derek Taylor is one of the original 60 Minute Makeover designers. The show started back in 2004 and was presented by Claire Sweeney. Still going strong Derek’s sense of fun and wonderfully creative streak is great inspiration for anyone looking for ideas to decorate their home.

Although not frightened to work with bold colours Derek has a way with softer, muted tones that can be beautifully accessorised with a canvas print or two. His most popular Gallery image request from us has to be the four Cocoa Bloom images in the Floral Gallery. Derek has used these canvas pictures in many dining rooms, bedrooms as well as lounges. They’re a very flexible style of digitally printed wall art that can add a sense of softness when accessorising contemporary furniture or create a modern feel to a more traditional taste.

Derek’s asked for many different gallery images from CanvasRus over the years. His top five prints to canvas (after the four Cocoa Blooms) would have to be Autumnal 1, Autumnal 2, Blossom A, Blossom B and Wave.
If you’d like to keep up to date with Derek on his Blog visit his My Space pages by clicking here.

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