Photos onto canvas used in George Clarke’s The Home Show

9/1/2010 7:16:39 PM
George Clarke, popular TV architect/presenter and writer, used CanvasRus for accurately recreating photos onto canvas which accessorised many of his TV renovation projects.

Best known for his inspirational The Home Show and also his Restoration Man TV series, both on Channel 4, George Clarke has to be one of the most popular property presenters on screen at the moment. His beautiful structural (not forgetting practical) designs shout contemporary style and elegance. White walls balanced with as much natural day light as possible make for the perfect environment for touches of canvas print personality.

CanvasRus has supplied both series of The Home Show with over 30 canvas prints. These have ranged from the stunning multiple tiled canvases of Aqua Stone 4, which made an amazing focal point to the room, through to professional and also personal photos to canvas. Ninety percent of the show’s printed canvas requests were from supplied photographs uploaded to the website. Some of these were favourite family photos and others were professional photography needing permission to use. Once hung though the canvas pictures brought the incredible white structural surroundings to life. What ever the look George needed - CanvasRus accurately digitally printed the photo canvas to fit.

George Clarke is a well respected architect, lecturer and writer with his own architectural practice called Clarke Desai. He also writes a page of property Know-How for Your Home magazine each month. If you would like any hints and tips for renovating your property visit George’s website for more information.

If you too would like to add a touch of personality and elegance to your walls with personal prints onto canvas CLICK HERE to read more and upload your favourite photos.

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