New Video - first of many

03/03/2011 17:01:21
Well, canvas prints have now become so popular that even related videos on YouTube are appearing all the time! How to... videos. Or More Information videos. So we're joining the club and here's our first effort! How to put your favourite photo on canvas with CanvasRus.

It gives you step by step pictures of how to take your digital photo, upload it to the website and choose your size and all the options available to you. Watch it here now.

Everybody has that special photo that makes you go ‘wow’ or ‘ahh’. Now you can keep that treasured memory for ever and have it turned into a photo canvas print. Photos capture so many wonderful moments in your life and now you have the opportunity to share that moment with everybody by hanging your life size photo canvas in pride of place on your wall rather than in a tiny photo frame that nobody will notice.

The photo can be of absolutely anything - the family; the kids; holiday shots; photographic scenes; special occasions like weddings or graduation; hobbies or sporting activities – anything, as long as it’s important to you.

And if you’re struggling to find something different as presents for your family and friends why not go for photos on canvas and create something unique and personal to everyone. Imagine Granny’s face when she opens the present and sees her grandchildren smiling up at her from a life size photo canvas!

So make a lot of people happy and show them you care by creating the perfect gift for the perfect person with personalised canvas prints.

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