Kathryn Rayward - canvas prints to turn your head

11/5/2010 4:27:12 PM
Kathryn Rayward, the famously flamboyant interior designer, has ordered over 130 prints on canvas by CanvasRus for her many TV design projects. As one of the more vibrant TV interior designers, with her canvas wall art choices, she’s never afraid of being bold with style, colour or theme.

Kathryn has worked with the 60 Minute Makeover team for over 5 series now. For numerous episodes of the show she’s asked to use CanvasRus’s canvas photos service. These canvas prints are usually of the family who the home makeover’s for but she does also supply her own photography ideas. She happily embraces hanging large scale photos onto canvas â€" whether a single photo on one canvas or a single image separated over a Multiple Tiled Canvas.

Kathryn’s confidence in pulling together a room’s design scheme is always refreshing to watch. Her choice of canvas pictures are usually chosen as focal points and have ranged from the retro looking 3 canvases of Flying Ducks, in the Wild Gallery, through to the ever popular White Orchids in the Floral Gallery.

One noticeable working trait Kathryn has is that, in all these years, she’s never ordered the same canvas picture more than twice. This is highly unusual as most designers have particular canvas print favourites that they’re comfortable to fall back on. Kathryn really does tailor each room’s design to the owner of the home.

If you’d like more information on Kathryn’s latest projects click here to follow her on Twitter Page.

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