ITV - 60 Minute Makeover in Partridge Green

11/08/2008 17:43:56
For the next three weeks ITV is repeating fifteen episodes of 60 Minute Makeover series 5. CanvasRus is featured in twelve of these shows supplying canvas photos, gallery prints on canvas and their trademark large scale canvas pictures.

Today’s repeat was filmed back in May 2007 in Partridge Green, West Sussex. I was lucky enough to be invited down to the location to watch them filming and luckier still to be offered the chance to have a look round the makeover whilst the team had their break half way through filming.

The kitchen was almost finished when the 30 minute whistle blew. They’d already hung the artwork, Saffron Glow chosen from the Abstract Gallery, which worked amazingly well with the warm pink painted wall colour. Please see left for the photo I took just into the second half of filming.

At half time the upstairs main bedroom and children’s bedroom were still waiting for their artwork. John Amabile, the designer, had chosen a beautifully large 40x40" Pastel Blossom canvas for the little girl’s bedroom and White Orchids and White Orchids 2 to hang next to each other in the main bedroom. What the edited scenes don’t show you are the large number of lists and general paperwork stuck to the door frames of each room being decorated. Everything’s amazingly well organised for all the fun and laughter that goes on.

And in case you’re wondering – the show really is filmed in an hour but with a long (lunch) break half way through to co-ordinate the decoration needed for the second half.

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