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08/08/2008 13:08:16
When selecting your favourite photo have you ever thought that its subject is either too far in the distance or the wrong proportions for your chosen shape of canvas? Well, CanvasRus now has a free and easy to use Edit Crop facility as part of their ordering process. This shows your uploaded photo on screen so that you can crop it to create your perfect canvas print.

Edit Crop is a tool available on the canvasRus purchasing page. When clicked on your photograph appears on screen with movable crop lines. These lines are there to clearly define your chosen area of photo that you wish to be printed. It also cleverly replicates your chosen canvas proportions whether square or rectangular.

Tips & Ideas:
1. Simple photos are usually the best but a fussy background can be distracting. Try rotating the crop marks from portrait to landscape and see if this helps focus the subject.
2. You can keep the depth of a landscape photograph by including foreground objects and using them as a frame Ė for example trees, water or even architecture.
3. If you want to create a stronger impact with a portrait photo - try zooming in. Please be aware that the quality of the printed photo canvas will decrease the smaller your cropped area becomes. Our designers will advise you if the quality decreases too far.
4. If you want to create some added interest to a portrait photo try copping it off-centre. Then if the background content becomes distracting try clicking back a few pages and putting your photo into either sepia or black and white.

Note: you donít have to worry about cropping out date stamps or red-eye removal as the team of in-house designers can amend these for free.

Edit Crop is an exciting new facility available as part of the Canvas Prints ordering process. It gives you the opportunity to upload your favourite photo and reprioritise its focal point and impact.

Have fun!

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