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Ric Lewis
07/03/2007 12:31:00
Welcome to our new blog where we hope to generate a wide ranging and useful conversations on canvas prints and digital wall art.

I thought we might start with a response to an article by Will Cheung the editor of - goto Photography Monthly's website on the dummy’s guide to resolution.

Hooray! A little bit of light in the current madness of resolution and file size

Thanks for writing an excellent article, which to me seems the first time a mainstream magazine has acknowledged that you don't need 300 dpi to get a good image.

For our sins we are probably the largest on the online canvas printer and the bain of my life is tying to get people to understand that's it's not dpi that counts but file size (and please don't just blow it up in Photoshop). Indeed with the interpolation and colour management built into our rips we can get away with 72 dpi at a push. We actually print for a lot of photographers through our trade site my favourite being Beken of Cowes who just dumps a 5meg rbg jpg into our ftp and we get on with it, the results are stunning.

However most of website work though is from mums and dads, sending pictures of their kids using just about anything. Providing the file is over 500k and they only want a 20x16" canvas "you can still see the eyelashes", our problems come when someone starts messing about with the image, as what they see on their uncalibrated screen might well not be what we finally print out.

Anyway enough of my beef, we print more than 200 canvases a day and probably get 2/3 back a week so it's not too bad.

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