Biggest Loser house decorated with CanvasRus canvas prints

18/05/2009 11:42:42
UKís Biggest Loser is presented by GMTVís Kate Garraway and trainers Angie Dowds and Richard Callender on weekdays, ITV at 4pm. This show is back for a third series and we at CanvasRus were approached to supply the canvas prints to decorate the contestantsí house.

Over the nine weeks that this show runs for - eight overweight couples are competing to win the cash prize of £10,000. The lives of these sixteen individuals are followed every weekday showing the emotional rollercoaster around re-educating eating habbits, fitness routines and self belief.

The stunning backdrop of Stanford Hall, Lutterworth, in Leicestershire is where itís all based. Most of the rooms filmed have been carefully styled and a number of these include contemporary canvas pictures. These pieces of artwork range from Azure Vintage through to Calm and Cocoa Bloom 1; each style offsetting the traditional beauty of the Hall.

This is a perfect example where contrasting styles within interior design can work so well. Itís also an affordable way to change the feel of a room. The freelance stylist who styled Biggest Loser UK at Stanford Hall didnít just work with flattering colours. She also chose each canvas print for its design features and ambience. CanvasRus has eight carefully themed galleries to help you do this. Theyíre there to assist you in sourcing recognised looks Ė from Retro right through to Abstract.

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