Andrea Maflin styles with large photos on canvas

7/27/2010 6:09:49 PM
Andrea Maflin, the hugely successful interior designer, TV presenter, author and event speaker, has requested CanvasRus’ canvas prints and photos onto canvas on numerous occasions over the last 5 years.

CanvasRus was introduced to Andrea, back in Feb 2006, when she was working on ITV’s Homes and Property show (in association with The Evening Standard). For this project she chose sixteen prints on canvas from the ABSTRACT, FLORAL and WILD online galleries. These pieces of canvas wall art were beautifully styled into show homes. Photography of some of the canvas art prints in situ can be seen on Andrea’s MY WORK web page. Just click on the link and scroll down to the photos with butterflies.

Andrea has also used CanvasRus’ photos onto canvas service. She wanted a professional photographer’s print transformed into a stunning 102x102cm (bespoke sized) photo canvas. This was, of course, organised with the kind permission of the photographer Daniel Sims.

As well as running a successful interior design practice Andrea’s probably best know for her appearances on the BBC’s Home Front, Real Rooms and more recently ITV1’s This Morning. She has an infectious enthusiasm for all things to do with stylish interiors. She has also written five books covering subjects such as New Ways With Paint through to her Makeover Magic. CanvasRus were very flattered to be asked to supply the We Come In Peace canvas picture, from the KIDS online gallery, for her fifth book called Children’s Rooms.

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