We’re in four TV shows this spring!

Posted By Caroline
23/02/2009 17:38:33
CanvasRus has an exciting season ahead with all kinds of their canvas prints being shown in four different TV shows. The programmes include two band new entertainment series and two long standing and highly popular favourites.

The first, of the two new programmes, is going to be aired on ITV and called BRITAIN’S BIGGEST LOSER. The show’s based on the hugely successful American series promoting a highly positive attitude to weight loss. Sixteen contestants, unhappy with their weight, will be living in a beautifully styled mansion and decorated with a wide range of canvas pictures supplied by CanvasRus.

Secondly, Channel Five is about to launch a new property series called BEST HOUSE ON THE STREET. This will be a prime time slot on Five with each episode encompassing an aspirational story. The show will be focusing on interior design and the colour, texture and furniture choices each couple has made. CanvasRus has donated a selection of canvases from the Floral gallery and Scapes Gallery in both single canvases and multiple tiled blocks. There is also to be a large scale personal photo canvas in black and white with a gorgeous bull dog on it.

April time we’re expecting series 5 of the uba glamorous BRITAIN’S NEXT TOP MODEL. This show has been a great success for Living TV and the interior design of the Model Mansion has been stylishly decorated yet again. We can’t give away any secrets, but suffice to say and as you’d expect, it’s much bigger and better than last year. CanvasRus has supplied four amazing photo canvases which are to be part of ………. You’ll just have to watch and see!

ITV’s ever exciting 60 MINUTE MAKEOVER is about to hit our screens any week now. This will be the second half of series 6 with more heart warming stories and fun antics by the makeover crew. If you’re really keen you may even spot two of the CanvasRus team helping out on one of the makeovers. Carolyn is even interviewed by Terry Dwyer discussing canvas printing and photos to canvas. And, yes I can honestly say, the makeover really is done in an hour and it’s definitely a surprise because we’ve seen it happen!

As soon as the web pages are finished for the first three TV shows we’ll get links included for them so you can have a look at the artwork etc. Just watch this space for more details and gossip!

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