Canvas prints can help create an instant garden on The Alan Titchmarsh Show

Posted By Caroline
30/09/2011 11:13:35
CanvasRus is proud to be chosen to supply two large photo canvas prints for yesterday’s Alan Titchmarsh’s Show, on ITV1, as part of his ‘Perfect Outdoor Garden’ feature.

As we’re enjoying the luxury of this Indian summer weather, The Alan Titchmarsh daily chat show has included a feature all about garden design and how to make the most of your outdoor space. Two large waterproof canvas prints by CanvasRus were requested especially for this feature. The first canvas picture was of a daisy field (A421) and the second was of rose buds (A130). Both of these photos on canvas are available from CanvasRus’ canvas print galleries in the Floral Gallery.

The two photos to canvas were the main backdrop to Alan Titchmarsh’s Top Tips demonstration of the advantages of planting sets of red over-wintering onions. The canvas artwork was also shown prominently, with close ups, during Alan and Jo Swift’s walk round of Alan’s definitive outdoor garden room. Jo Swift is a well known garden designer, presenter and writer.

Both outdoor canvas photos were discussed after the quick inspirational idea of being able to divide spaces within your garden with tall screens of living ivy. The canvas prints looked stunning as they were hung as focal points on these screens. Alan asks about "putting your own pictures up on frames?" in which Jo Swift replies about being careful as to which photos you use but another consideration needs to be "what happens at eye in your garden is very important."

If you’d like further details about the two waterproof canvas frames shown visit CanvasRus’ TV pages or if you’d like to watch The Alan Titchmarsh Show and see the feature CLICK HERE to visit ITV Player.

Canvas prints donated to Britain’s and Ireland’s Next Top Model

Posted By Caroline
19/08/2011 12:02:23
CanvasRus is proud to announce that they are officially the recognised canvas print supplier to Britain’s Next Top Model - for the 5th series running.

Britain’s Next Top Model, the TV show, has now become Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model for series 7. With a new interior design team on board this year it was great to see what inspiring decoration ideas the glamorous models house would include. CanvasRus is seen along side other trend and style driven suppliers such as Bang & Olufsen, Black Orchid Interiors, Green & Blacks Organic and Primark.

CanvasRus supplied fourteen canvases for this new series. The main theme for the canvas prints was London road signs. The original images were all graphically created and supplied by the show’s design team. CanvasRus’ production team then used the Photos On Canvas service to transform these into road sign looking canvas photos.

If you’re an avid fan of BNTM you’ll remember that last year, in the models mansion, there were a number of professional photos of Elle Macpherson transformed into stunning large photos onto canvas. "Something for the girls in the model house to aspire to…" we were told by the production crew.

It will be very interesting to see how this new series rolls out and which of the girls makes the grade with the judges. The judges for series 7 are model and TV presenter Charlie Speed, model and business woman Elle Macpherson, clothes designer Julien Macdonald and stylist Grace Woodward.

BINTM has to be one of the most glamorous TV shows on Sky Living – shown on Monday’s at 9pm. For more information and/or images of the canvas pictures from series 7 click here to visit our TV Pages.

CanvasRus donate canvas art to the Bradford episode of Cowboy Builders

Posted By Caroline
12/08/2011 16:30:27
Channel Five’s Bradford episode of Cowboy Builders is a great example of where canvas prints can set the whole tone for a room. So if you’re looking for an Urban feel to your room, a Retro look, photos of Icons or just beautiful Floral prints – visit our canvas galleries for lots of inspiration.

This episode involves Dominic Littlewood and Melinda Messenger helping a family who hoped to have an extension built providing bedrooms for each of their four children. A father and son building firm, with the reputation as experienced builders, took on the project only to leave it half way through – leaving dangerously exposed electrics, no roof and mis-measured and unsupported steels.

Whilst Melinda welcomes local support to help with the clearing and decorating work CanvasRus supply stunning prints to canvas for two of the bedrooms. The canvas artwork is shown in situ in the images on your left. The bedrooms décor, style and colour schemes had already been chosen. All the show’s designer had to do was search through the 20 online galleries full of themed canvas images to select the most suitable.

The Bradford show used two canvas pictures. The first, in the boy’s bedroom, was called Reservoir Dogs (code 023) and the second photo print was called Peacock (code M819). This gorgeously large feather print onto canvas was used as a balancing focal point, in the parents bedroom, against the heavy black and deep pink wallpaper. This Peacock photo on canvas has also been requested by Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen a year or so ago and called his "hero piece" to his design scheme.

Channel FIVE’s Cowboy Builders show decorates with CanvasRus

Posted By Caroline
20/07/2011 10:40:41
Dom Littlewood and Melinda Messenger are back for a new series of Cowboy Builders on Channel FIVE. CanvasRus is proud to be supplying canvas art prints for the fifth year running to yet more deserving families. Three episodes have been donated to - with photos on canvas, art effect canvases as well as sepia canvas photos.

The cowboy builder in last week’s, Balham, show has left Sarah and Stewart with an unfinished shell of a home and some of the most severe structural problems that Melinda has ever seen. Chris Collcutt, the cowboy builder in question, has also disappeared with £85,000 of their money. And before any decoration can take place all of these serious repairs need to be made…and within just three weeks!

The artwork specifically requested for Sarah and Stewart’s home was hung in their new open plan kitchen/diner. The beautiful white gloss kitchen cupboards and matt white walls were accented by a black and white photo onto canvas (D127 from the Urban Gallery) and a Your Art effect photo to canvas. This second digital print was created by emailing CanvasRus an original photograph of Battersea Power Station. This was then graphically enhanced with, Tri Shine, one of the 12 styles which CanvasRus’ graphic designer Erin designs by hand.

The contemporary entertaining area in Sarah and Stewart’s, now properly and safely, renovated home was stunningly finished off with carefully chosen pieces of canvas art. You too can achieve this in your home – whether you’re looking for a modern chic, urban or retro feel CanvasRus has the canvas picture for you.

Keep an eye out for the next Cowboy Builders on Channel FIVE that CanvasRus is featured on – Bradford on 5th Aug at 9pm.

David Domoney uses waterproof canvas prints in his new makeover programme Garden ER

Posted By Caroline
15/07/2011 14:53:20
Well, what a response to Channel 5’s Garden ER, David Domoney’s new Garden Makeover programme! It aired for the first time on Wednesday 13th July and has proved to be extremely popular judging by the comments posted on their website.

David Domoney, the award winning gardening expert, has had a huge amount of TV presenting experience as ITV’s regular gardener for This Morning, GMTV, Better Homes and as the only dedicated garden designer for 60 Minute Makeover. So who better than David, and his co host, Bonnie Davies, to head up this brand new Garden Makeover series!

CanvasRus first met David back in 2008 and has been a firm fan of our waterproof canvas prints ever since. He has frequently used them in many of his garden backdrops on ITV’s This Morning, 60 Minute Makeover, and at the Ideal Home Exhibition and Chelsea Flower Shows. So when he approached us a few months ago as they started filming for Garden ER, we were delighted to be able to help out by providing waterproof photos on canvas for some of his Garden makeovers.

In the first episode, which can be seen again on Demand 5, David wanted to create a ‘beach garden’ and used 2 fantastic beach images, 1 split into 9 huge canvas prints to cover the fencing and another split into 2 canvas prints to give the backdrop to the fabulous hot-tub in one corner of the garden. Go to our TV page for more information and to see photos of the finished garden in all its glory!

This is a prime example of how you can now put your photos on canvas, but fully waterproof canvas, to create a great focal point for a garden and cover up boring fences or walls at the same time. For more information go to our waterproof canvas page.

David Domoney is a unique garden expert but he doesn’t believe you have to be an expert to have a great garden, just imagination and a few tricks of the trade. His quirky tips and eccentric horticultural type has gained him a ‘Top Gear’ style profile – his approach is to attract people not normally interested in gardening by enticing them with gob-smacking design and awe-inspiring ideas. Click here to visit his website and find out more.

Garden ER is now showing on Channel 5, every Wednesday at 7.30pm until the end of August.

Stylish food photos on canvas with a twist

Posted By Caroline
14/04/2011 10:43:23
Stunning digitally printed canvas pictures have been supplied to the new series of Supersize to Superskinny now being shown on Channel 4. The collection of canvas prints can be seen hung around the show’s Feeding Clinic where the show is predominantly filmed. All the original images for the photos to canvas were supplied by the production team and were transformed using CanvasRus’s popular Photos onto canvas service.

The all new series of Supersize to Superskinny has started on Channel 4 - Tue evenings at 8pm. The show’s Feeding Clinic has opened its doors to more supersize and superskinny duos. Each episode is filmed over five days where the duo live in the Feeding Clinic and swap diets overseen by their dietician and medical experts Ursula Philpot and Dr Christian Jessen.

The food photographs sent to CanvasRus, for the show, had previously been given a bright blue hue. This meant the incredible detail of the water droplets on the fresh apple canvas print, for example, still looked beautifully crisp when digitally printed but the blue colour removed any kind of edible appeal….just what the show needed. All nine canvases that were requested had been given this cobalt blue hue which added a stylish splash of colour to the otherwise sparse white rooms.

Turning your own photos into stunning photos onto canvas can be as simple as clicking on the ‘upload your photo’ button, selecting the canvas size you’d like and adding your details into the secure payment page. These affordable pieces of canvas wall art create a real "wow" in any room – TRY NOW for just £25 + P&P.


Recognised canvas print supplier to Supersize to Superskinny Kids

Posted By Caroline
01/04/2011 19:20:33
CanvasRus is now the recognised supplier of photos onto canvas for Supersize to Superskinny KIDS. As specialists in digitally printing canvas pictures CanvasRus was the obvious choice for accessorising Dr Christian Jessen’s Feeding Clinic. Channel 4 needed a collection of eight food photos transformed into stylish contemporary prints on canvas.

Last week’s Supersize to Superskinny KIDS saw Dr Christian Jessen and dietician Ursula Philpot approach one example of an over weight kid and one example of an under weight kid per episode. The young child, along with either their Mum or Dad, move into the Feeding Clinic for five days of intensive help, advice and therapy. The Feeding Clinic’s bedrooms, kitchen, dining area and lounge areas all have the bright and colourful prints to canvas hung on the walls.

All of the food photographs were supplied to CanvasRus by Channel 4 as you see them on screen so unfortunately they can’t be replicated. They were transformed into canvas wall art using the highly popular Photos on Canvas service. CanvasRus do also offer a fantastic array of food images in their brand new online Food Gallery perfect for decorating your kitchen. These stunning images were all introduced earlier this year so weren’t available for this show’s series.

If you would like to watch the previous Supersize to Superskinny KIDS episodes CLICK HERE to be directed to 4oD. Or click here if you’re interested in following Dr Jessen on Facebook or Twitter.

Collage canvas prints in today’s 60mm – Cippenham on Meadows

Posted By Caroline
24/03/2011 11:09:53
As a trusted supplier of canvas prints to 60 Minute Makeover; CanvasRus has just been notified that their Collage photos onto canvas will be talked about in today’s Rummage feature by interior designer Linda Barker.

This is a brand new series of 60mm, series eight for those of you keeping track, which started earlier this week at 2pm on ITV. There’s also a new presenter for the show - Catherine Gee. Catherine is a familiar face for presenting Escape to the Country and also The Farmer Wants a Wife.

CanvasRus, the online art gallery, has been supplying 60mm with family photos on canvas for 7 years now. They’ve also donated large scale water resistant garden prints on canvas, collections of Kids themed images on canvases (perfect for creating a gallery effect) through to floor to ceiling multiple tiled prints to canvas.

CanvasRus offer many different types of canvas wall art services all of which have been shown on 60mm. Every now and again you’ll see the beautiful and highly popular Pop Art effects which always create a dramatic impact for a room. The designers love these iconic canvas pictures but as each one is individually created by CanvasRus’s graphic designer they take too long for the sort time-scale the TV crew work to on each episode – usually 24 to 48 hours!

There are many incredible photos to canvas and digitally printed canvases that have been donated to this 60mm series. If you see a piece of artwork on a particular episode then look no further than CanvasRus’s TV pages as it’s here that you will find all the relevant CanvasRus print details and images.

Family photos on canvas add charm to newly renovated home

Posted By Caroline
09/02/2011 12:29:44
CanvasRus is proud to be donating photo canvas prints, to Channel Five’s Cowboy Builders TV show, as part of the renovation project to rebuild Pam and Georgina Carter’s home in Camberley.

Cowboy Builders is back for a forth series chasing down, exposing and reporting to Trading Standards those unprofessional builders who take no responsibility for their unfinished and/or structurally unsafe work. Dominic Littlewood and Melinda Messenger are the show’s presenters along with John Russell, builder extraordinaire, who throws the work of the cowboy builder’s into stark contrast showing how the project should be done.

This week’s show in Camberley showed "the most slippery cowboy builder I’ve ever had to track down" quote from Dom Littlewood. John Anthony Palmer, from Eltham, is the cowboy builder in question and was responsible for Pam Carter’s nightmare. Her entire home was left structurally unsound for 8 months. Just as an example – one of her outside gable walls had been left unattached to the roof.

Melinda and her team jump in with just two weeks to completely renovate and decorate the family home. CanvasRus were contacted back in Sept 2010, when this show was filmed, and asked if five family photos could be made up into personal prints onto canvas. The five photos were uploaded and transformed into three 16x16" and two 16x24" gorgeous soft sepia photo canvases. The photos were specified to have their date stamps and red-eye removed and all of the canvas pictures were to have no gallery wrap. Gallery Wrap is where the photograph is printed so that it wraps around the canvas frame. These are all free services when you buy from CanvasRus.

The photo above is a great example of the photos on canvas which were supplied to this family home. The canvas print is shown in situ as part of Pam’s new study area. Click here if you would like further information about CanvasRus’s prints to canvas.

Through Dominic Littlewood’s investigations throughout the show - the cowboy builder John Anthony Palmer has now been reported to Trading Standards in the hope of being prosecuted.

Photos on canvas supplied to new series of Cowboy Builders

Posted By Caroline
02/02/2011 17:14:32
Canvas prints, supplied by CanvasRus, have been showcased as part of Harrow’s show renovation; rectifying the half finished and dangerous loft conversion and extension that Mr John Geurin (accused cowboy builder) had left the Green family with.

Dominic Littlewood and Melinda Messenger are back for series 4 of Cowboy Builders on Channel FIVE, 8pm on Wed nights. Harrow’s show sees Dom and Melinda helping the Green family after their encounter with a cowboy builder called John Guerin, and his then company Bluewood Construction.

Dominic Littlewood jumps in to investigate John Guerin and finds that this particular builder, and his many construction companies, already has 26 complaints made against him to Trading Standards (between 2006 – 2009).

Melinda Messenger waves her magic wand on site - two weeks of renovation and decoration work begins to rebuild the Green’s family home undoing the mess left by builder John Guerin.

CanvasRus was initially approached by the Cowboy Builders research team asking if they would like to donate prints on canvas to help decorate the successfully renovated home.

The canvas prints chosen to decorate the newly plastered walls were all carefully thought about by the TV show’s design team. They wanted to add sentiment and warmth through the canvas wall art. For the Grandfather’s bedroom – CanvasRus was asked about their Collage Canvas service. Seven personal photographs of the family were sourced and uploaded direct to the CanvasRus website to create a landscape canvas photo – shown above.

The new loft conversion was finally made safe and finished to become the sons "crash pad" as Melinda called it. With a stunning red feature wall and chequered flooring this room needed wall art that would be personal and eye catching. Two Opie style prints to canvas were created by CanavsRus’s graphic designer Erin Rafferty. This particular Your Art style works well in both a modern or more traditional room setting.

For more information on Harrow’s episode or to watch Five on Demand click here to visit Channel FIVE’s website.

Photo canvases of Elle Macpherson supplied by CanvasRus

Posted By Caroline
15/10/2010 13:45:54
Iconic photos on canvas. CanvasRus was approached a few months back to supply Britain’s Next Top Model with, copyright approved, photography of Elle Macpherson onto canvas. These gorgeous images made stunning canvas prints ready to hang in the show’s model mansion.

As you will see from the image left – an example of two of the fourteen canvas prints requested. CanvasRus also supplied geographically iconic photographs onto canvas. These ranged from a typical New York Taxi Cab through to the beautiful Art Deco iron work Parisian Metro sign. Most of these canvas pictures were hung in the models bedrooms. All of the Elle photos to canvas were hung around the communal areas.

CanvasRus is proud to be a recognised supplier of canvas wall art to Britain’s Next Top Model for the third year running. Now series 6 has aired in the UK it is set to be shown in many other countries including the USA, Canada and Australia.

The stunning canvas photos fitted perfectly into the Huf Haus that was used as the model mansion. The fourteen canvases were sized 70x70cm, 80x80cm or 70x90cm. If you’d like to see more pictures of the artwork that went into the model mansion Click Here to go to the CanvasRus TV pages.

Canvas prints donated for new series of Cowboy Builders

Posted By Caroline
30/09/2010 18:48:39
CanvasRus is pleased to be one of the official suppliers for the brand new series of Cowboy Builders on FIVE. Episode two, shown last night, of this third series includes a couple of stunning Floral Gallery images made up into canvas photos especially for this renovation project.

This new Twickenham episode of Cowboy Builders, presented by Dom Littlewood and Sheree Murphy, was filmed back in Sept of last year. The renovation work was to help 35 year old, single Mum, Juliet Avery who had been ripped off and left in a shell of her former, one bedroom, home in Twickenham.

CanvasRus was approached to donate two large canvas pictures especially chosen to accessorise the main bedroom and dining area of the kitchen. As you will see from the photos (see left) it shows how the colours within the canvas artwork flatter the painted walls and add to the contemporary feel of the design scheme.

Sophie Robinson, the interior designer, was very careful to work with colours and design ideas that Juliet, the home owner, was happy with. The look that Sophie wanted for the home was "light, bright and airy". CanvasRus offer many gallery images which could fit this style. In the bedroom Sophie chose X-Ray Leaf 1 which hangs above the bed. This lovely large 30x20" canvas gives a soft feminine look and great contrast to the bold stripes on the bedding. The dining area, painted in a soft tone natural green, has the Cocoa Bloom 4 30x20" canvas print hung above the dining table creating a focal point to this end of the room.

This incredible renovation of an entire 1 bedroom flat and Dom’s eventual success in catching up with Peter Tillett, the Cowboy Builder in question, can be seen again on FIVER this Sunday (3rd Oct) at 7pm or on Five On Demand.

CanvasRus on ITV's This Morning

Posted By Caroline
13/07/2010 17:34:40
CanvasRus’ canvas wall art is to be featured on tomorrow’s This Morning with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. There is to be a new interiors feature called A Room To Be Proud Of where three CanvasRus canvas prints will be shown.

The idea behind this new ITV feature is to create high-end makeovers for well-deserving people. This particular ‘A Room To Be Proud Of’ has been filmed in Bristol and is for a gentleman who suffers from multiple sclerosis. We were approached by ITV with a request for three large canvas pictures. These were of the Peacock image. Click here to take you to the canvas print.

Artwork on canvas is becoming increasingly popular whether for living rooms, bedrooms and now CanvasRus even offer canvas prints suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Digitally printed artwork is the home accessory of choice to add a touch of stylish contemporary glamour to a room. Watch tomorrow’s episode of This Morning and see our canvas printing on canvas in situ.

CanvasRus prints of Elle Macpherson

Posted By Caroline
09/07/2010 18:01:00
CanvasRus, the online art gallery, is proud to be supplying photo canvas prints to Britain’s Next Top Model for the third year running. BNTM, on Living TV, is back for a sixth series. Monday’s show sees the hopeful models enter their model mansion decorated with CanvasRus canvas photos.

The decorating of this gorgeous house has been co-ordinated by a highly fashionable and trend lead design team. Each photo was supplied by the show so that they could have their own London style up around the house. The four canvas pictures of Elle Macpherson herself have been created with the kind permission of the two photographers.

There are fourteen different prints on canvas that you will see around the house. The design team knew in advance that they could rely on CanvasRus for accuracy of photography reproduction to canvas photo.

If you would like to see the artwork for this new series or any further examples of our photos onto canvas please click here for our TV pages.

Justin and Colin add drama with CanvasRus artwork.

Posted By Caroline
05/01/2010 17:18:34
Eight of CanvasRus’ canvas prints have been stylishly incorporated by Justin and Colin to intensify the decorative glamour of today’s Carpenders’ Park 60 Minute Makeover. The episode was all about redecorating the Main Bedroom, the Living/Dining Room and Office/Guest Bedroom in stunning colour ways to flatter the owner’s extrovert personality.

The Main Bedroom was decorated in bright reds and fuchsia pinks beautifully accessorised with a CanvasRus WHITE ORCHIDS and WHITE ORCHIDS 2 canvas print hung either side of the dressing table. These had been selected from the Floral Gallery.

Justin and Colin were asked if within the makeover the family could keep the new sofa bed which was in the Office/Guest Bedroom. The deep turquoise colour of this piece of furniture and the bright turquoise of the new carpet and walls were picked out and matched to the CanvasRus artwork. BLUE FUSION and FLOCK are both images chosen from the Contemporary Gallery.

The Living/Dining Rooms had touches of a Moroccan feel with a modern twist. Drama was added to these rooms through splashes of colour which brought them together. The three canvas pictures hung in the Living Room were of two images in pale blue and deep purple. VINTAGE 1 and VINTAGE 2 are both from the Contemporary Gallery and added a glam feminine feel.

The owner (surprised with the makeover) had her own treasured personal photos onto canvas incorporated within the decorative scheme of the Dining Room. The photo canvas was a gift from her Brother-in-Law. This particular canvas obviously wasn’t supplied by us for the makeover but photos to canvas by CanvasRus are regularly used by the show and are available to order online by clicking here.

Justin and Colin use CanvasRus canvases

Posted By Caroline
16/10/2009 12:43:58
CanvasRus is proud to announce that Justin and Colin requested thirty nine canvas prints to decorate seven 60 Minute Makeover’s. The majority of these canvas pictures were either photos onto canvas or chosen from the online Abstract or Floral Galleries.

Justin and Colin have been a resounding hit with 60 Minute Makeover not just with the viewers but ITV as well. New to this show Colin and Justin were approached along with the likes of Linda Barker to add some big name sparkle. The boys success was inevitable bringing not just their expertise in stunning interior design but their infectious sense of humour and banter. Originally booked for just two shows ITV has been so impressed with the couple’s work they were asked to do another twenty.

Filming for series 7 finished Friday last week after 140 episodes and including ten designers. CanvasRus donated canvas prints to almost half of these makeovers. A number of staff at CanvasRus, including the MD and the Marketing Director, were invited along to muck in with four makeovers. Now the editing of the show is in full swing CanvasRus is expecting two interviews with designers. The first with David Domoney about CanvasRus’ waterproof canvas photos and the second is with Souki Hendreth about family photos to canvas. We have also been informed that Linda Barker will be talking about black and white photos on canvas in the show’s Rummage feature.

NOTE: The new series has been running since early Sept. All CanvasRus canvas print details for 60 Minute Makeover can be found on the TV PAGES.

- END –

X Factor house filled with CanvasRus wall art.

Posted By Caroline
25/09/2009 16:05:31
Renowned for their stunning canvas prints CanvasRus has been approached to supply the artwork for The X Factor contestants house. X Factor researchers have chosen 32 large canvas pictures from seven of the eight online galleries. Details of each canvas print donated to the show will be put up on the TV Pages in a few weeks when the contestants house will be shown on screen.

Including all kinds of canvas printing in beautiful themes and in stylish colour ways, the contestants house will be a guaranteed wow factor. We can confirm this as the artwork was dropped off this morning at 7am direct to the confidential London location!

Click here to see CanvasRus on the official X Factor website supplier’s details.

This hugely successful musical talent show is back for its 6th series. Also back are the famous faces of Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue judging the singing abilities of those who believe they have the ‘X’ factor. CanvasRus is proud to be involved with the show and will keep you updated with any news and photos of our involvement.

- END -

George Clarke decorates with CanvasRus photo prints!

Posted By Caroline
17/07/2009 12:18:56
Last night’s episode of The Home Show included five beautiful city scape canvas prints, four black & white family photos onto canvas and one stunning fruit image all supplied by the online art gallery CanvasRus. So whether you’re a professional photographer, a successful artist or just someone with a treasured family photo or two – CanvasRus can transform your picture into a stunning masterpiece.

Each of the canvas photos have been requested to flatter the interior décor and enhance the family sentiment within the Powell’s home. Four family photos were emailed to CanavsRus and changed to black and white before printing. Changing personal photos to black & white or into sepia is a free service and can add great impact to a favourite snap. Customers can play with this online in a range of colours and effects to see what their own photo looks like before the pressing the purchase button.

At the top of the stairs, in the Powell family home, was hung a triptych which is one photo separated over three canvases measuring 18x18 inches each. In the dining room hung a 36x24 inch canvas of a piece of ‘Plum’ artwork by Pauline Hume.

CanvasRus works with many professional photographers and is recognised within the canvas printing industry for their accuracy and quality of canvas print. These stunning photos to canvas have also been recognised and endorsed by numerous TV shows and interior designers. Feel free to scroll through our TV Blog content to get a flavour of what we’ve been up to over the last few years.

Watch out for CanvasRus on Thu 30th July, Channel 4, as they’re featured again in The Home Show in the Hertford renovation!

…..and just in case you’re interested…..last Saturday George Clarke, who presents The Home Show, was photographed and featured in The Mirror Homes & Holidays supplement sitting with his back to one of our canvas prints.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s ‘hero piece’ is by CanvasRus

Posted By Caroline
06/07/2009 12:24:15
This Morning’s resident interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen designs his patio makeover around CanvasRus’ artwork - creating "fun spaces that get you outside and decorating."

CanvasRus is proud to announce that Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen chose their Peacock image to be made up into a waterproof canvas as his "hero piece" for a patio feature. It was hung as the main backdrop to the conversation between Fern Britton, Phillip Schofield and Laurence.

Laurence starts off the feature explaining that a garden isn’t something to be frightened of. "It’s not just about planting but it can also be made fun with decorating – particularly if you have a small patio or balcony." As Laurence continues "there is a particular style I was going for. I’ve built my whole theme around this exterior canvas print, going to show that you really can bring the inside out and the canvas is by a company called CanvasRus."

Phillip – "so when you contact CanvasRus, what do they offer?"
Laurence – "they have a wide selection of images you can choose from"
Phillip – "so you can get almost anything you want?"
Laurence – "yes exactly."
Phillip – "…and they’re called CanvasRus."

If you would like to see the original Peacock image or similar inspirational ideas which can be made up into canvas prints please CLICK HERE to visit our Wild Gallery. If you’d like to watch the This Morning feature and/or get hold of the other outdoor products that Laurence mentioned CLICK HERE. You can also see more details on this particular This Morning show, and others that we’ve been featured in, on our TV PAGES.

Waterproof canvas prints on TV every Monday.

Posted By Caroline
23/06/2009 09:43:03
Yesterday morning David Domoney presented a feature all about recycling old kitchen containers for fun and funky summer planting. The backdrop to his conversation, with Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton, were eight colour co-ordinated waterproof canvas photos all supplied by CanvasRus.

The This Morning set is well known for being friendly and colourful. The stylish touch of including stunning close up canvas prints of seasonal vegetables adds an extra visual attractiveness. The photo canvas colour ways have been chosen to tie in with the scented roses within the feature – from deep purples through to bright zingy oranges.

The waterproof canvas print is a new edition to the services offered by CanvasRus and a favourite of David Domoney. Please visit our TV pages for images showing his Ideal Home stand this year including our waterproof photos to canvas examples.

Not only are they suitable for outdoor use but they’re great indoors too for bathrooms and kitchens. So whether you’re looking to bring the design of indoors outside or just simply put your favourite holiday snap onto canvas; CanvasRus has a simple ordering process and affordable prices.

CanvasRus is well known for their beautiful and accurately printed photos onto canvas. If you’d like further information please click here to visit the YOUR PHOTOS page.

CanvasRus is on tonight’s The Home Show

Posted By Caroline
21/05/2009 17:19:55
George Clarke, architect and TV presenter, is back on our screens for a brand new series of The Home Show, tonight Channel 4 at 8pm. Bigger and better than the last series we are expecting more ups and downs and incredible home renovations. Within tonight’s episode, in Parsons Green, there are to be four stunning black and white personal canvas prints supplied by CanvasRus.

We were approached because of our reputation for accurate recreation of personal photos onto canvas. You’ll be able to see more of these canvas photos within the next few episodes.

What ever your budget - The Home Show website is a mine of information - full of hints and tips from physically and decoratively creating space all the way though to video footage on how to sort out your own plumbing. There’s even step-by-step DIY with George and interior design style ideas for you to meander through.

If you would like any further information on transforming your own photos to canvas, the sizes available and amazingly affordable prices see our Your Photos page.

The Home Show has eight episodes and will be on every Thursday night, Channel 4 at 8pm.

If you would like to see images of our canvas pictures on the Home Show click HERE to see our TV pages.

Photo canvases on today’s This Morning

Posted By Caroline
19/05/2009 12:54:01
CanvasRus has been approached by ITV’s This Morning to supply their kitchen studio area with stunning food photos onto canvas.

This new cooking feature is all about making the most of your local seasonal vegetables. Presented by actress, singer, TV presenter and Mum Donna Air along with Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton, this 10 minute slot gives all sorts of hints and tips for tasty recipes and also time saving ideas.

Just behind Donna, as part of the kitchen set, there are three canvas prints showing close up photographs of vegetables. These stunning canvas pictures give a great sense of freshness and colour. The first canvas print is of spring onions, the middle one is of carrots and the third is simply French beans. These beautiful images were supplied by the This Morning team and just show how quick and easy it is accurately recreate your own photos to canvas.

All three canvas photos were made up as a bespoke size (600mm by 1200mm) especially to fit their set design. CanvasRus photo canvases are available in a wide range of standard sizes - from 300x300mm through to 920x920mm. If you would like a bespoke size and price details feel free to contact us by emailing or calling 01732 454 092.

For Donna Air’s recipes click HERE.

Biggest Loser house decorated with CanvasRus canvas prints

Posted By Caroline
18/05/2009 11:42:42
UK’s Biggest Loser is presented by GMTV’s Kate Garraway and trainers Angie Dowds and Richard Callender on weekdays, ITV at 4pm. This show is back for a third series and we at CanvasRus were approached to supply the canvas prints to decorate the contestants’ house.

Over the nine weeks that this show runs for - eight overweight couples are competing to win the cash prize of £10,000. The lives of these sixteen individuals are followed every weekday showing the emotional rollercoaster around re-educating eating habbits, fitness routines and self belief.

The stunning backdrop of Stanford Hall, Lutterworth, in Leicestershire is where it’s all based. Most of the rooms filmed have been carefully styled and a number of these include contemporary canvas pictures. These pieces of artwork range from Azure Vintage through to Calm and Cocoa Bloom 1; each style offsetting the traditional beauty of the Hall.

This is a perfect example where contrasting styles within interior design can work so well. It’s also an affordable way to change the feel of a room. The freelance stylist who styled Biggest Loser UK at Stanford Hall didn’t just work with flattering colours. She also chose each canvas print for its design features and ambience. CanvasRus has eight carefully themed galleries to help you do this. They’re there to assist you in sourcing recognised looks – from Retro right through to Abstract.

British canvas prints with a touch of glamour!

Posted By Caroline
24/04/2009 12:06:58
Britain’s Next Top Model is excitingly back for a new series. In its fifth year this amazingly glamorous show exudes all the style and ambition you’ve come to expect. CanvasRus were approached for the third year running to supply their renowned contemporary canvas photos.

On the BNTM (Living TV) website there is introductory video footage of the beautifully styled models house. This gorgeous residence is based in Hampstead just down the road from Sting and Jonathan Ross. Lynzi Arnott, one of the contestants from last year, gives you a personal tour around each of the rooms before the girls arrive exhausted from boot camp.

This year the models house has been designed around being eco friendly and British. Full of bright colours and a funky designer feel every product has been carefully chosen. From the sumptuous cushions designed by MagpieandMe, a Brighton based textile designer, through to our Pop Art styled photo canvases all designed and made in the UK.

Each canvas print was designed by our graphic designer and were used as the main inspiration and theme behind each bedroom. The photos onto canvas were so key to the design ethic that the show re- used them as the backdrop to the Catwalk finale party which was filmed back in March. We were even lucky enough to receive an invite to be part of the Finale and see Louis Mariette, Lisa Snowdon and Huggy Ragnarsson…….as well as the two finalists! See the party photos on our TV pages – very Sex and The City.

Photos of Lucy Ratcliffe, Lianna Fowler, Lauren McAvoy and Alex Evans, all previous winners of Britain’s Next Top Model, were transformed into original canvas prints by CanvasRus. Every photo canvas is highlighted within the personal tour around the house. They’re all bespoke canvas pictures which were made to measure 1mtr by 1 mtr although in some of the bedroom shots they look smaller.

We would like to wish all thirteen British Next Top Model contestants, Ashley, Hayley, Chloe, Annaliese, Lisa-Anne, Jade, Daisy, Mecia, Sophie, Viola, Lauren, Madeleine and Kasey the very best of luck.

60 Minute Makeover – Terri Dwyer and the team are back!

Posted By Caroline
09/04/2009 20:31:13
For all you keen followers of Jason Godwin, Craig Phillips and the 60mm makeover teams - the second half of series 6 will be hitting our screens tomorrow, Good Friday, at 11.30am on ITV. Then the rest of the new series starts up from Monday 20th April and will be running until Fri 12th June.

After the huge success of 60 Minute Makeover last year we at CanvasRus are looking forward to watching the rest of the series. Fifteen of these makeovers we’ve supplied canvas prints to. These shows include a wide range of our canvas artwork - from photo canvases through to gallery canvas pictures.

We’re renowned for our high quality in canvas printing – which has recently been improved by the new protective finish applied to all our artwork. This quality and accuracy of colour reproduction are just a couple of the reasons why 60MM keeps coming back us.

We’re proud to say that this will be the sixth consecutive year we’ve worked with the show which just goes from strength to strength. Ratings have been so good for ITV that the new series 7, which is now going into production, has 140 episodes planned!!! This is compared to the 80 last year.

All the famous interior designers are back on board - from Richard Randall, John Amabile through to Alison Cork and the very lovely Kathryn Rayward.

We will keep you updated with all the 60mm news and views. Enjoy the rest of series 6.

….and a very Happy Easter from everyone at CanvasRus.

TV’s gardening guru bowled over by CanvasRus canvases!

Posted By Caroline
20/03/2009 16:56:15
CanvasRus is proud to be working with David Domoney, TV’s gardening guru, supplying artwork for three of the four gardens on his Ideal Home Show exhibition stand. The show opened to the press and public 11am this morning and has already been a huge success. Even ITV were there to film David as part of This Morning and of course he couldn’t resist mentioning the canvas pictures he’s so impressed with.

David has designed four stunning gardens for the show – Metallica Garden, Oceana Garden, Spherica Garden and Geometrica Garden. The latter three of these have large scale multiple tiled waterproof canvases for their backdrop all supplied by CanvasRus. To see the photos of the canvas prints please click on WATERPROOF CANVASES. I think you’ll agree - a great way to make an impact within a garden.

The trend in designing and decorating your own garden has become so much more accessible over the last few years. No matter how big or small your garden or how convenient you need it to be the waterproof canvas is a simple, affordable and a beautiful way to compliment the colour and feel.

Photos onto canvas, for example a beautiful holiday view, would work amazingly within a garden environment. CanvasRus also has eight online galleries full of images great for inspiration - there’s Abstract, Contemporary, Floral, Icons, Retro, Kids, Wild and Scapes.

The waterproof canvas is suitable for both indoor and outdoors. Have you ever considered hanging a canvas print on your bathroom wall? It takes up little or no space. When hung outside it can even be interchanged at different times of the year to flatter your planting and/or the weather!

This has to be a great gift idea too – especially for the person who has everything. Photos to canvas is one of the most thoughtful present ideas and made so easy with CanvasRus. You can order a voucher which can be redeemed online or just order the canvas direct. The only recommendation we would give is to be there when your recipient opens the box. The reaction is priceless!

New Dulux ad including CanvasRus canvas prints!

Posted By Caroline
06/03/2009 17:11:39
This Sunday sees the launch of a brand new Dulux advert which includes two bespoke CanvasRus canvas pictures. This ad will be featured in a prime time slot in amongst the all star DANCING ON ICE which starts at 7.10pm on ITV.

Dulux is renowned for their expertise not only in paints but also in colour advice. Their adverts are always entertaining and we look forward to seeing this Sunday’s new one.

The requested final artwork originally came from one of our most popular images called Espresso Stripes in our Abstract Gallery. This image was then colour matched to Dulux codes (please see above). The colours chosen were the same for each canvas print. These were Holiday Blues 2, Holiday Blues 4, Forest Lake 3 and Plush Velvet 2. The final canvas picture size was 60x50cm.

Colour matching is a bespoke service. For all enquires please feel free to email or call us on the below telephone number.

We’re in four TV shows this spring!

Posted By Caroline
23/02/2009 17:38:33
CanvasRus has an exciting season ahead with all kinds of their canvas prints being shown in four different TV shows. The programmes include two band new entertainment series and two long standing and highly popular favourites.

The first, of the two new programmes, is going to be aired on ITV and called BRITAIN’S BIGGEST LOSER. The show’s based on the hugely successful American series promoting a highly positive attitude to weight loss. Sixteen contestants, unhappy with their weight, will be living in a beautifully styled mansion and decorated with a wide range of canvas pictures supplied by CanvasRus.

Secondly, Channel Five is about to launch a new property series called BEST HOUSE ON THE STREET. This will be a prime time slot on Five with each episode encompassing an aspirational story. The show will be focusing on interior design and the colour, texture and furniture choices each couple has made. CanvasRus has donated a selection of canvases from the Floral gallery and Scapes Gallery in both single canvases and multiple tiled blocks. There is also to be a large scale personal photo canvas in black and white with a gorgeous bull dog on it.

April time we’re expecting series 5 of the uba glamorous BRITAIN’S NEXT TOP MODEL. This show has been a great success for Living TV and the interior design of the Model Mansion has been stylishly decorated yet again. We can’t give away any secrets, but suffice to say and as you’d expect, it’s much bigger and better than last year. CanvasRus has supplied four amazing photo canvases which are to be part of ………. You’ll just have to watch and see!

ITV’s ever exciting 60 MINUTE MAKEOVER is about to hit our screens any week now. This will be the second half of series 6 with more heart warming stories and fun antics by the makeover crew. If you’re really keen you may even spot two of the CanvasRus team helping out on one of the makeovers. Carolyn is even interviewed by Terry Dwyer discussing canvas printing and photos to canvas. And, yes I can honestly say, the makeover really is done in an hour and it’s definitely a surprise because we’ve seen it happen!

As soon as the web pages are finished for the first three TV shows we’ll get links included for them so you can have a look at the artwork etc. Just watch this space for more details and gossip!

Cowboy Builders on Channel Five

Posted By Caroline
06/02/2009 12:58:37
CanvasRus has excitingly been part of a redevelopment project that has helped Sheila Murphy after her life was turned upside down by a Cowboy Builder and the £43,000 cavern of an extension he left behind.

Dominic Littlewood, consumer champion, and Melinda Messenger, long term property developer, present this inspiring new series that exposes cowboy builders to the public and authorities. It’s also a great example of what can be achieved in a short amount of time bringing in teams of professionals to rebuild and renovate.

Amazingly within two weeks of the professionals arriving at Sheila’s home she had a beautiful new open plan living space downstairs and upstairs there was a stunning new bedroom. CanvasRus supplied canvas prints for the kitchen and seating areas. The first canvas print shown on screen was a 3 block multiple tiled canvas of Aqua Stone 4. This style of separating one image over three canvas tiles has become very popular as it creates a wonderful focal point to a room.

The second canvas picture was also from CanvasRus’ Online Gallery and is called Choc Buds. This particular image is part of a stylish, and very popular, collection in the Floral Gallery. Please see the images above for the artwork shown in last night’s episode.

If you would like to watch the 45 min episode please click here for The Warrington Episode which will take you to Demand Five.

Sky1 - Noel's HQ secret nursery makover

Posted By Caroline
16/09/2008 16:54:25
CanvasRus is delighted to have been involved with Noel’s HQ last Sunday donating a selection of canvas prints from the Kids Gallery. See left for the ABC multiple tiled canvas wall. Noel’s HQ is a genuinely heart warming series, presented by Noel Edmonds, offering random acts of kindness to individuals and communities who help and support others so selflessly.

Woodlands Nursery, for children aged 0 to 5 with special needs, have new premises and were struggling to open ready for the new term due to ridiculous amounts of red tape. There was also a great need for volunteers to help landscape and redecorate what was an old doctors’ surgery.

Two members of the CanvasRus team happily gave up last Sunday afternoon and evening to help hang the thirteen pieces of artwork, paint walls and generally muck in with the makeover. Presented live by Konnie Huq, of Blue Peter fame, four rooms were completely transformed into a sensory room, an art room, a development room and a bathroom. There were numerous suppliers, both local and national donating everything from toys to flooring. Even Rolf Harris generously contributed his time and artistic skills in creating a beautiful mural for the art room.

Amazingly the makeover managed to stay a complete surprise for parents, staff and children. We’d like to wish the nursery every success and the children and families years of enjoyment.

60mm - 4 episodes with 27 of our canvas prints!

Posted By Caroline
26/08/2008 12:32:33
After the bank holiday weekend we’re looking forward to another four episodes of 60 Minute Makeover each of which includes a wide variety of Gallery canvas pictures.

--- Huddersfield makeover:
Back in May of last year John Amabile chose a selection of 8 prints on canvas to hang in the four rooms being redecorated. A soft chocolate colour pallet had already been chosen for the lounge which meant Choc Buds, Cocoa Bloom1, Cocoa Bloom4 and Mocha Flora2 would flatter it well. The two young daughters have a soft feminine feel to the design of their bedrooms using Pink Butterflies, Blow and Butterflies Aqua all in 20x20" canvases. The main bedroom’s artwork although relatively small in size makes up for it in brightness of colour – Tiger Bloom.

--- Portsmouth makeover:
Wednesday’s show is by interior designer Sophie Robinson who’s chosen 9 of our colourful canvas prints. The rooms being redecorated in this makeover have quite a vibrant feel to them. For the conservatory Sophie’s chosen Orange Gerbera and Hawaii Spice both in large 30x30" canvases. The living room and master bedroom have a calmer feel with Choc Buds, Cocoa Bloom3 and Mystical Islands1 also in 30x30". The artwork chosen for the daughter’s bedroom has a fun 50’s feel to it. Sophie’s chosen Wing, Mirror, Handle and Marilyn in Pink in 12x12" canvases.

--- Biggleswade makeover:
Thursday’s 60 Minute Makeover entails more fun and mayhem. Interior designer Kathryn Rayward has designed the four rooms with her trade mark stylish and quirky approach to decoration. Meadow, Daisy Field, White Orchids and White Orchids2 have all been donated to the show in 20x20" canvas prints. Keep an eye out to see if you can spot the third Flying Duck canvas, from the Wild Gallery, which the team seem to have mislaid!

--- Ashton under Lyne makeover:
Friday’s show is designed by the lovely John Amabile again. This makeover uses 3 of our canvas prints. The kitchen is decorated with Cocoa Bloom1 from the Floral Gallery and Red Polka from the Contemporary Gallery. The master bedroom has a wonderfully large Mocha Flora2 canvas print in 30x30".

This is sadly the end of series 5 repeats. As soon as we hear when the new series 6 is being aired we’ll let you know!

This week on 60 Minute Makeover

Posted By Caroline
14/08/2008 12:22:20
This week four of the five episodes of 60 Minute Makeover (at 12.30pm) contain our canvas prints ranging from Gallery canvas pictures through to photo canvases.

Monday’s makeover designer John Amabile used four CanvasRus Gallery images hung in the kitchen, main bedroom and children’s bedroom. Details about the show, its artwork and a location photo are shown below in Monday’s Blog.

Today’s makeover is designed by Julia Kendall and includes a beautiful close up, baby photo, of the family’s daughter Lily. This 3MB jpeg image (at 72 dpi, dots per inch) was made up into a 40x40" canvas print. Julia frequently likes to incorporate a personal photo canvas into her designs as it adds a sentimental touch to the room’s scheme.

Friday’s home makeover is designed by a relatively new member to the 60 Minute design team – Scott Waldron. Fresh from winning Anna Maurice’s Interior Rivalry TV show in 2006 Scott’s natural flare with interior design is a big step away from his previous career as a successful dancer with The Royal Ballet School. This particular episode, based in Ashford Kent, includes four family photos to canvas made up in black and white. Scott has also chosen four online Floral Gallery images - Cocoa Bloom 2, Cocoa Bloom 4, Choc Spike and Choc Buds.

Watch the shows and see if you can spot all the pieces of CanvasRus artwork.

ITV - 60 Minute Makeover in Partridge Green

Posted By Caroline
11/08/2008 17:43:56
For the next three weeks ITV is repeating fifteen episodes of 60 Minute Makeover series 5. CanvasRus is featured in twelve of these shows supplying canvas photos, gallery prints on canvas and their trademark large scale canvas pictures.

Today’s repeat was filmed back in May 2007 in Partridge Green, West Sussex. I was lucky enough to be invited down to the location to watch them filming and luckier still to be offered the chance to have a look round the makeover whilst the team had their break half way through filming.

The kitchen was almost finished when the 30 minute whistle blew. They’d already hung the artwork, Saffron Glow chosen from the Abstract Gallery, which worked amazingly well with the warm pink painted wall colour. Please see left for the photo I took just into the second half of filming.

At half time the upstairs main bedroom and children’s bedroom were still waiting for their artwork. John Amabile, the designer, had chosen a beautifully large 40x40" Pastel Blossom canvas for the little girl’s bedroom and White Orchids and White Orchids 2 to hang next to each other in the main bedroom. What the edited scenes don’t show you are the large number of lists and general paperwork stuck to the door frames of each room being decorated. Everything’s amazingly well organised for all the fun and laughter that goes on.

And in case you’re wondering – the show really is filmed in an hour but with a long (lunch) break half way through to co-ordinate the decoration needed for the second half.

CanvasRus canvas prints featured in Hotel Inspector

Posted By Caroline
06/08/2008 16:44:22
This the fourth series of Hotel Inspector opens with a 43 bedroom hotel called The Castle of Brecon bought on a whim by Natasha and Leon Ricci. The award winning hotelier Alex Polizzi is on a mission to help salvage this rapidly declining business. In doing so she decides to refurbish one of the bedrooms (hanging CanvasRus digital prints) as a stark comparison to "Natasha’s shambolic approach to interior design."

Grubby and a tired looking bedroom 18 is the chosen room to be given a sophisticated facelift. This simple makeover completely transforms the room from dark and dingy to open and inviting. An eye catching deep red feature wall is off set with dark woods, cream walls and fresh white bed linen. Hung above the stunning black lacquered desk is the artwork supplied from CanvasRus’s Floral Gallery.

The 20x20" floral canvas prints, Blossom A and Blossom B, compliment the room’s feel and elegance. Hung side by side they create strong visual impact compared to the three widely spaced tiny picture frames Natasha had decorated room 53 with. As Alex explains about hanging these three tiny frames "in my opinion you never put anything like this [wide apart]. You put up something big or lots of little things together. It’s a rule."

The sample bedroom 18, Alex creates, is to be used as a template for Natasha to decorate and comparatively cost the remaining hotel bedrooms against. The over all effect of the makeover is of quality and luxury yet it only totalled to between three and four thousand pounds, half of what Natasha had previously spent on another room’s refurbishment. The two canvases used are £45 each and finish off the room perfectly.

If you’d like to see the canvas pictures in situ or the room’s amazing transformation visit Demand Five and click on Hotel Inspector episode 1.

60 Minute Makeover - Eltham, South London

Posted By Caroline
13/05/2008 16:08:10
Today's surprise makeover was in Eltham, South London. The exciting mayhem that is the 60 Minute Makeover team whirl-wind decorated the walls using six canvas prints from the canvasRus galleries.

Transforming this tired and outdated semi into a beautiful and sophisticated Art Deco inspired home for John and his family was the job of the 60 Minute Makeover team and designer Richard Randall. Canvas pictures were spotted around the living room, dining room and the girl's bedroom.

Downstairs we saw Leaf, Cocoa Bloom 1 and Floral gallery. Each of these pieces of artwork were purposely tied into Richard's design scheme by their soft sepia tones. To give that glamorous finishing touch to the girl's bedroom canvasRus were asked for New York Cab and The City gallery images, both of which were changed into black and white canvas prints.

Today's show was a very daring transformation using shocking pinks against blacks, lots of textures giving depth and interest to small spaces and the added bonus of iconic pieces of furniture. Richard's choices of canvasRus' contemporary canvas artwork around the home had been carefully considered to either soften or enhance particular looks.

60 Minute Makeover - Llandrindod Wells

Posted By Caroline
12/05/2008 19:55:18
The 60 Minute Makeover team were in Llandrindod Wells today creating a bright and cheerful home for the Evans family including personal photos onto canvas and Mocha Twirl from the Abstract gallery.

The tragic story of the Evans’ suddenly losing a loving father and husband meant transforming eight of their treasured family photographs into canvas pictures would add that extra touch of sentiment to John Amabile’s makeover.

Luke, the son’s, bedroom held a collection of the photos to canvas on top of his wardrobe. Each of these canvas photos had been requested from CanvasRus as sepia prints so that they’d tie in with the pale blue and chocolate of the colour scheme.

The effect on Luke and his mother when they looked around his bedroom for the first time and saw the photographic prints on canvas was highly emotional. Recognising his Mum and Dad in one of them brought tears to his eyes and a cuddle from Mum.

Yet another successful makeover for the 60 Minute team.

60 Minute Makeover - Great Dunmow

Posted By
06/05/2008 22:13:36
Today's designer on 60 Minute Makeover, Julia Randall, decided to make a feature wall in the living room of 11 photos onto canvas.

These were old family photos that were all harmonised and changed to sepia. The special effect was created by Julia herself, but the canvases were printed by CanvasRus.

What a great way of bringing those old family photos back to life - display them as canvas prints!

Today's 60 Minute Makeover - in Ashton-under-Lyne

Posted By Caroline
29/04/2008 16:09:37
Today's surprise 60 Minute Makeover was filmed in Ashton-under-Lyne and used three pieces of canvasRus digitally printed wall art.

Mocha Flora 2, from the online Floral Gallery, was hung in the master bedroom which was decorated in sumptuous greens, caramels and chocolate colours. The sophisticated heavy golden silk curtains reflected the warm sepia colouring of the canvas art on the wall.

Cocoa Bloom 1, again from the Floral Gallery, and Red Polka, from the Contemporary Gallery, were both hung in the kitchen against the lovely pale green painted walls.

One of John Amabile's brighter and bolder design schemes that accessorised beautifully with CanvasRus canvas prints.

Britain's Next Top Model 2008

Posted By Caroline
18/04/2008 17:35:07
CanvasRus is proud to announce that they’ve supplied digitally printed canvas artwork to the show Britain’s Next Top Model for the second year running.
The decoration of the models mansion, where the canvases hang, has been exquisitely designed and finished giving the models a flavour of the stylish lifestyle they aspire to.

This hugely glamorous and successful show, presented by Lisa Snowdon, is back on our screens with more episodes and more models than ever before.

Britain’s Next Top Model starts on Living TV – Mon 21st April at 9pm

Let the excitement begin!

ITV - 60 Minute Makeover

Posted By Caroline
28/03/2008 13:06:31
CanvasRus is back on our TV screens as the main canvas art supplier to series five of 60 Minute Makeover. We’ve supplied 46 of the 70 makeovers which make up this new series. The episodes include every canvas product we have available online. These range from the ever popular personal Photos onto Canvas, large Multiple Tiled Canvases (one image separated over any number of canvas blocks), Gallery images and our famous Pop Art effects.

If you’re not familiar with the program each show’s a surprise makeover for a deserving family member. It’s 60 minutes of chaotic fast paced fun presented by the glamorous Terri Dwyer one of the original cast members of Hollyoaks. The emotional reaction to the home’s transformation always makes good viewing; and the realisation that one or more of the family’s treasured photos has been stylishly recreated into canvas art adds a great sentimental touch.

Each episode we’ve supplied with wall art shows not only the visual impact one of our canvases can make in a room but also the quality of the canvas prints produced. It would be very easy for us make exaggerated claims about the quality of our products but the shows consistent and unabashed close ups of our artwork proves not only their popularity but also the beautiful finish the interior designers can rely on. Every digital canvas print we make is individually produced, hand stretched and quality checked. It is a service that distinguishes us and that we take great pride in.

60 Minute Makeover is on at roughly 2pm every weekday through until May.

This is the fifth year we’ve helped with 60mm who are currently in production of series 6. If you’d like to surprise someone special with a visit from the 60 Minute Makeover team click on to apply.

Live on This Morning - Photos onto canvas feature

Posted By Ric Lewis
21/03/2007 08:27:07
We're excited to announce that on Friday's show (23rd Mar 07) This Morning is filming a collection of five CanvasRus canvases; all very special photographs that they have carefully chosen.

Each canvas print has been created using Your Photos service. Four of the images have been beautifully changed into contemporary soft sepia. These were uploaded as digital photographs. The final photo has been accurately recreated as it is due to its gorgeous colouring. This photo was an emailed scanned print.

Creating personalised wall art with photos onto canvas is becoming increasingly popular. CanvasRus dispel the myth of its complexity by offering an easy to use four step service which is affordable and a great photo gift for friends and family.

some of the companies we have had the pleasure to supply canvas art to

click here for more about trade