Off The Wall Art

Posted By Caroline
04/12/2008 14:56:24
Do you want to make a statement with your wall art? CanvasRus stand out from the crowd not only because their canvas printing and colour quality are second to none but also because of their range of online services; canvas art from the sublime through to the ridiculously glamorous.

How brave do you feel when it comes to choosing a personal photo canvas? Have you ever considered selecting a larger canvas print but changing your coloured photo to black and white or even soft sepia? This stylish effect is FREE and subtly highlights faces within a photograph by toning down the confusion and background drama that colour intensifies.

Pop Art is a great way to add glamour to your home. If youíre after something really special how about transforming a personal photo into your very own Warhol or cartoon effect? Visit the Your Art page and see the wide selection of Pop Art, urban and retro styles. Each canvas picture effect is individually created by our Graphic Designer Erin not put through an automated software package. You deal direct with Erin via email and she can advise and recommend even down to colour matching.

Make a statement with your wall art. Our eight online galleries contain hundreds of images that work fantastically as multiple tiled canvases. Please see example - image above. Donít be afraid to use scale in your home. A couple of carefully chosen large scale pieces within a room scheme can enhance that elegant feel. When considering the size and proportion of a multiple tiled canvas click onto our Sizes & Prices page. If you then scroll over the underlined descriptions this will show you a representation of the scale.

CanvasRus has a long standing highly regarded reputation not only within the industry but also from customers. Donít just take our word for it feel free to read our Feedback pages.

At CanvasRus we believe in fabulous artwork at affordable prices and with our range of online services this means thereís something for everyone.

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