Julia Kendall uses photos on canvas for her TV design schemes

Posted By Caroline
10/8/2010 5:47:21 PM
Julia Kendall, well known for her stunning interior design projects in DIY SOS and 60 Minute Makeover, has employed the help of CanvasRus to make up stunning photos onto canvas.

Personal photos always make an impact on a room. Have you ever thought about transforming your favourite holiday snaps or family celebration pics into a canvas print? Whether your room is minimally decorated or you’re a lover of the eclectic style " the addition of a digitally printed photo on canvas creates a great talking and focal point.

Julia Kendall has requested thirty five photos to canvas over the last 5 years for different TV projects. These prints have ranged from professional images, client family photos as well as photographs chosen from CanvasRus’ Floral Gallery and Wild Gallery. Specific gallery images that she’s chosen are " Evening Walk, White Pebbles, Orange Gerbera and Sunburst Bloom all photographically atmospheric.

The CanvasRus Pop Art styled canvas pictures have been a firm favourite for many interior designers over the years. Julia decided that for one particular 60 Minute Makeover episode (in Bampton) that she wanted a Warhol effect Multiple Tiled Canvas.

One reason CanvasRus Your Art styles are so popular is because each piece of artwork created is done by hand. Many competitors will put your photograph through a piece of software which will automate and loose any subtleties. CanvasRus has the skills of their graphic designer Erin who creates each request herself and even colour matches to paint samples if needed. Julia’s Warhol effect canvas photo was designed in pastel colours and worked beautifully as part of the room’s design scheme.

If you’d like to know more of Julia’s thoughts on interior design and behind the scenes on DIY SOS click here to read her Blog.

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