George Clarke decorates with CanvasRus photo prints!

Posted By Caroline
17/07/2009 12:18:56
Last night’s episode of The Home Show included five beautiful city scape canvas prints, four black & white family photos onto canvas and one stunning fruit image all supplied by the online art gallery CanvasRus. So whether you’re a professional photographer, a successful artist or just someone with a treasured family photo or two – CanvasRus can transform your picture into a stunning masterpiece.

Each of the canvas photos have been requested to flatter the interior décor and enhance the family sentiment within the Powell’s home. Four family photos were emailed to CanavsRus and changed to black and white before printing. Changing personal photos to black & white or into sepia is a free service and can add great impact to a favourite snap. Customers can play with this online in a range of colours and effects to see what their own photo looks like before the pressing the purchase button.

At the top of the stairs, in the Powell family home, was hung a triptych which is one photo separated over three canvases measuring 18x18 inches each. In the dining room hung a 36x24 inch canvas of a piece of ‘Plum’ artwork by Pauline Hume.

CanvasRus works with many professional photographers and is recognised within the canvas printing industry for their accuracy and quality of canvas print. These stunning photos to canvas have also been recognised and endorsed by numerous TV shows and interior designers. Feel free to scroll through our TV Blog content to get a flavour of what we’ve been up to over the last few years.

Watch out for CanvasRus on Thu 30th July, Channel 4, as they’re featured again in The Home Show in the Hertford renovation!

…..and just in case you’re interested…..last Saturday George Clarke, who presents The Home Show, was photographed and featured in The Mirror Homes & Holidays supplement sitting with his back to one of our canvas prints.

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