Family photos on canvas add charm to newly renovated home

Posted By Caroline
09/02/2011 12:29:44
CanvasRus is proud to be donating photo canvas prints, to Channel Five’s Cowboy Builders TV show, as part of the renovation project to rebuild Pam and Georgina Carter’s home in Camberley.

Cowboy Builders is back for a forth series chasing down, exposing and reporting to Trading Standards those unprofessional builders who take no responsibility for their unfinished and/or structurally unsafe work. Dominic Littlewood and Melinda Messenger are the show’s presenters along with John Russell, builder extraordinaire, who throws the work of the cowboy builder’s into stark contrast showing how the project should be done.

This week’s show in Camberley showed "the most slippery cowboy builder I’ve ever had to track down" quote from Dom Littlewood. John Anthony Palmer, from Eltham, is the cowboy builder in question and was responsible for Pam Carter’s nightmare. Her entire home was left structurally unsound for 8 months. Just as an example – one of her outside gable walls had been left unattached to the roof.

Melinda and her team jump in with just two weeks to completely renovate and decorate the family home. CanvasRus were contacted back in Sept 2010, when this show was filmed, and asked if five family photos could be made up into personal prints onto canvas. The five photos were uploaded and transformed into three 16x16" and two 16x24" gorgeous soft sepia photo canvases. The photos were specified to have their date stamps and red-eye removed and all of the canvas pictures were to have no gallery wrap. Gallery Wrap is where the photograph is printed so that it wraps around the canvas frame. These are all free services when you buy from CanvasRus.

The photo above is a great example of the photos on canvas which were supplied to this family home. The canvas print is shown in situ as part of Pam’s new study area. Click here if you would like further information about CanvasRus’s prints to canvas.

Through Dominic Littlewood’s investigations throughout the show - the cowboy builder John Anthony Palmer has now been reported to Trading Standards in the hope of being prosecuted.

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