Every Photo Canvas Print Can Tell A Story

Posted By Caroline
20/07/2010 15:05:26
Now that the holiday season is upon us - have you considered telling a story through your photography and then transforming it into a stunning collage canvas print? CanvasRus specialises in personal photos on canvas and is well known for their quality and accuracy of canvas printing.

Fun family snaps, holiday pics and spontaneous action shots make for great photo canvases Ė better still, they can be the perfect gift idea for friends and family. A photo to canvas is a thoughtful and affordable present for almost all occasions from birthdays, anniversaries through to Christmas.

CanvasRus is well known for itís beautiful photos onto canvas and we have some hints on how to take great photos ready for a customised photo on canvas.

- Think about your holiday as a whole:
Maybe take photos of the kids helping with the packing? Remember too to capture each of the highlights on your trip, adventures, activities and first time experiences.

- Set the context and capture the scene:
Include snaps of the landmarks you visit, locals you meet, transport you travel on and maybe even the local speciality food.

- Add a touch of fun and spontaneity:
There are always great moments to capture when youíre away from home and relaxing. New experiences can result in funny facial expressions. Moments like trying to speak a new language, learning a new sport like windsurfing or eating the local delicacy.

CanvasRus offers three styles of collage canvas photo. See photo above. So when you get home from your holiday and upload your photographs you can select either 7 or 9 of your favourites. These are simply uploaded via a browser which locates them on your computer. You decide where each photo sits and then when youíre happy with what you see on screen the CanvasRus team will accurately transform this onto a stunning collage photo canvas.

Your personal collection of treasured memories made up into a stylish piece of canvas wall art.


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