Collage canvas prints in today’s 60mm – Cippenham on Meadows

Posted By Caroline
24/03/2011 11:09:53
As a trusted supplier of canvas prints to 60 Minute Makeover; CanvasRus has just been notified that their Collage photos onto canvas will be talked about in today’s Rummage feature by interior designer Linda Barker.

This is a brand new series of 60mm, series eight for those of you keeping track, which started earlier this week at 2pm on ITV. There’s also a new presenter for the show - Catherine Gee. Catherine is a familiar face for presenting Escape to the Country and also The Farmer Wants a Wife.

CanvasRus, the online art gallery, has been supplying 60mm with family photos on canvas for 7 years now. They’ve also donated large scale water resistant garden prints on canvas, collections of Kids themed images on canvases (perfect for creating a gallery effect) through to floor to ceiling multiple tiled prints to canvas.

CanvasRus offer many different types of canvas wall art services all of which have been shown on 60mm. Every now and again you’ll see the beautiful and highly popular Pop Art effects which always create a dramatic impact for a room. The designers love these iconic canvas pictures but as each one is individually created by CanvasRus’s graphic designer they take too long for the sort time-scale the TV crew work to on each episode – usually 24 to 48 hours!

There are many incredible photos to canvas and digitally printed canvases that have been donated to this 60mm series. If you see a piece of artwork on a particular episode then look no further than CanvasRus’s TV pages as it’s here that you will find all the relevant CanvasRus print details and images.

some of the companies we have had the pleasure to supply canvas art to

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