CanvasRus donate canvas art to the Bradford episode of Cowboy Builders

Posted By Caroline
12/08/2011 16:30:27
Channel Five’s Bradford episode of Cowboy Builders is a great example of where canvas prints can set the whole tone for a room. So if you’re looking for an Urban feel to your room, a Retro look, photos of Icons or just beautiful Floral prints – visit our canvas galleries for lots of inspiration.

This episode involves Dominic Littlewood and Melinda Messenger helping a family who hoped to have an extension built providing bedrooms for each of their four children. A father and son building firm, with the reputation as experienced builders, took on the project only to leave it half way through – leaving dangerously exposed electrics, no roof and mis-measured and unsupported steels.

Whilst Melinda welcomes local support to help with the clearing and decorating work CanvasRus supply stunning prints to canvas for two of the bedrooms. The canvas artwork is shown in situ in the images on your left. The bedrooms décor, style and colour schemes had already been chosen. All the show’s designer had to do was search through the 20 online galleries full of themed canvas images to select the most suitable.

The Bradford show used two canvas pictures. The first, in the boy’s bedroom, was called Reservoir Dogs (code 023) and the second photo print was called Peacock (code M819). This gorgeously large feather print onto canvas was used as a balancing focal point, in the parents bedroom, against the heavy black and deep pink wallpaper. This Peacock photo on canvas has also been requested by Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen a year or so ago and called his "hero piece" to his design scheme.

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