Be your own artists this Christmas

Posted By Caroline
27/11/2008 11:12:29
If choosing artwork as a present this Christmas seems tricky why not create a canvas print of your own? Thankfully you wonít need to get the paint box out, just a cherished photograph. CanvasRus, specialists in transforming photos onto canvas, believe that everyone owns a great photo or two which can be recreated into original works of art.

Before you start rummaging through your embarrassing childhood pics, there are a few hints and tips which could help when choosing.

- Think about what you want and where the canvas print is to be hung.

- What shape canvas youíd likeÖ..landscape, portrait or square? Cropping your photo is part of the easy online ordering process.

- Donít be afraid of scale. The sizes and prices web page can show you a proportional representation.

- Itís free to turn the photo into black and white or soft sepia. This can be a great way to tone down the impact of a large colour photo canvas.

CanvasRus recommend that "art is such a personal choice. The trick is to look for a photo that raises a smile or even tells a story. Certain photos of memorable events such the birth of a new baby, a wedding or anniversaries can make for a real keepsake."

The quality of a photo isnít so important. Most people will be surprised to hear that itís even possible to turn most mobile phone pictures into amazing canvas prints. CanvasRus also offer free retouching to remove red eye and date stamps.

Enjoy the creative process!

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