60 Minute Makeover - Llandrindod Wells

Posted By Caroline
12/05/2008 19:55:18
The 60 Minute Makeover team were in Llandrindod Wells today creating a bright and cheerful home for the Evans family including personal photos onto canvas and Mocha Twirl from the Abstract gallery.

The tragic story of the Evans’ suddenly losing a loving father and husband meant transforming eight of their treasured family photographs into canvas pictures would add that extra touch of sentiment to John Amabile’s makeover.

Luke, the son’s, bedroom held a collection of the photos to canvas on top of his wardrobe. Each of these canvas photos had been requested from CanvasRus as sepia prints so that they’d tie in with the pale blue and chocolate of the colour scheme.

The effect on Luke and his mother when they looked around his bedroom for the first time and saw the photographic prints on canvas was highly emotional. Recognising his Mum and Dad in one of them brought tears to his eyes and a cuddle from Mum.

Yet another successful makeover for the 60 Minute team.

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