60 Minute Makeover - Eltham, South London

Posted By Caroline
13/05/2008 16:08:10
Today's surprise makeover was in Eltham, South London. The exciting mayhem that is the 60 Minute Makeover team whirl-wind decorated the walls using six canvas prints from the canvasRus galleries.

Transforming this tired and outdated semi into a beautiful and sophisticated Art Deco inspired home for John and his family was the job of the 60 Minute Makeover team and designer Richard Randall. Canvas pictures were spotted around the living room, dining room and the girl's bedroom.

Downstairs we saw Leaf, Cocoa Bloom 1 and Floral gallery. Each of these pieces of artwork were purposely tied into Richard's design scheme by their soft sepia tones. To give that glamorous finishing touch to the girl's bedroom canvasRus were asked for New York Cab and The City gallery images, both of which were changed into black and white canvas prints.

Today's show was a very daring transformation using shocking pinks against blacks, lots of textures giving depth and interest to small spaces and the added bonus of iconic pieces of furniture. Richard's choices of canvasRus' contemporary canvas artwork around the home had been carefully considered to either soften or enhance particular looks.

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